Food grade stainless steel 316 tube

316 stainless steel tube is one of the most widely used stainless tubes. The reasons are the high quality, corrosion resistance and high strength. The applications are various such as the chemical industries, pharmaceutical industries, nuclear power generation plants, marine industries, aerospace applications and domestic ones. However the food and beverages industries use the 316 stainless steel tube because of its less oxidation corrosion resistance and less wear and tear. The food industry cannot afford to have impurities be added into the ingredients. The food material cannot be contaminated. In other words, the pipes and containers used in the food industries should not react, corrode or wear and tear into the food mixture. The 316 material is made up of austenitic stainless steel with chromium, nickel and low amounts of molybdenum in the composition. This mixture not only makes the material strong, but also very strong against corrosion. So the pipes do not corrode, react with food items or wear and tear. For these reasons, the 315 pipe is preferred in food and beverages industries.

There are also different grades in the stainless steel 316 tube. The food grade ones are specifically made that their corrosion resistance is even improved. The stainless steel tube price differs according to the material make and the standards and requirements as well. The food grade stainless steel pipes are usually expensive than their counterparts due to their high demanding properties, material make and raw material prices, production sequence and the requirements.

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