Digital Declutter & Minimization Guide

Our digital devices, such as phones or computers, can get messy, similar to our homes. Though we might not notice it, digital clutter, whether it be too many emails or unused apps, can slow down our devices. Just like cleaning up our physical space, we must clean up our space in the digital world as well. Digital clutter can be stressful, but there are easy ways to tidy up.

You can use tools like cloud storage to keep important files safe without filling up your device. External hard drives or flash drives are also helpful in storing these important files without filling up internal memory. Deleting unnecessary data is another way to declutter, which is why web browsers have options like “Clear Browsing Data” to remove extra information. Similarly, deleting unused apps and keeping software up to date can make a device operate faster as well.

For more information on the ways in which digital decluttering can improve your device’s health, check out the infographic highlighted alongside this post.

Digital Declutter & Minimization Guide, was provided by Great Plains Communications, a company offering organizations flexible and secure cloud connect solutions

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