Type of Materials That You Can Die Cut

Die cutting is one of the most famous paper crafting techniques in the world. It has been around for ages but since the revelation of social media and digital world, it has become well known globally. All the beautiful projects like wedding cards, invitation cards, stickers, skins for electronic devices etc. are all possible because of die cutting machines.

However, this craft is not just limited to paper; there are many other materials that can be die cut to produce wonderful new designed things.


The most basic choice for die cutting has to be a simple paper. It is not even necessary to mention as it is the first thing that comes to mind when you hear or read the words ‘die cut’. Paper is also a great material to practice the craft of die cutting. It is also the cheapest material so it can be used to teach the students as well. The possibilities of creating wonderful different things increase by just changing the type of paper for die cutting.

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Here are some different types of paper that you can die cut:


Cardboard may seem a little heavy type of paper but it is widely used for die cutting everywhere. You just have to make sure that the machine you are using has steel cutter in it. If executed perfectly, cardboards can produce beautiful finished products.


Vellum is a translucent type of paper product which isn’t actually a paper but it creates a beautiful combination by merging with paper. Die cutting the vellum in different designs and then merging it with paper of any color gives a pulpy and moist look. This unique look is perfect for creating congratulatory cards.

Metallic Foils

Again, metallic foils aren’t paper but these do act like a paper when it comes to die cutting. Aluminum, tin or gold foils are perfect choices if your project requires foil in die cutting. They add shininess after combining them with paper and add to the beauty of the project.


Other than paper, textile is another type of material that is popular with die cutting machines. Textile die cutting is very useful in project like card creating and also in fashion designing. The most popular type of textile that is used for die cutting is woven fabric.

Woven Fabric

Any type of textile material that is created by weaving the threads can be called woven fabric. This includes materials like cotton, silk, wool, denim or twills. Fabrics are very easy to die cut and create wonderful project for any type of work.


Vinyl sheet is another material to gain popularity with die cutting. It is the world’s third most produced plastic product. The possibilities of projects to be created by vinyl seem endless. It comes with an adhesive back which can help create beautiful stickers and skin for phones and laptops and other interesting stuff. It just comes down to the imagination of the project planner and the use of a die cutter machine.

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