Which Are The BSNL Recharge Plans For Full TalkTime?

Are you someone who always wants to get their money’s worth? Were you looking for a BSNL recharge plan that offers you full Talktime? Well, if that’s you, your search ends right here!

Earlier, almost every service provider offered a full Talktime recharge. However, these days, almost everyone has stopped offering these recharge plans. Due to the introduction of unlimited calling available on the Truly Unlimited plans, a lot of people don’t even feel the need for a Talktime top-up. That is unless you want to make an international call or call on a customer care number that isn’t toll-free.

No matter what your reason is, if you need a Full Talktime plan, BSNL has got you covered. The full Talktime BSNL recharge plans start from ₹220 and even go upto ₹6000 in some circles. Let’s take a look at all the full Talktime recharge plans you can get with your next BSNL online recharge:

  • BSNL Recharge Worth ₹220

When you recharge for ₹220, you get Talktime worth ₹220 in all circles in India.

  • BSNL Recharge Worth ₹500

Meanwhile, the recharge priced at ₹500 only gives you full Talktime of ₹500 in certain select circles, while offering as a normal top-up plan in some.

  • BSNL Recharge Worth ₹550

The plan worth ₹550 is a universal recharge plan for any circle that offers you a full Talktime of ₹550.

  • BSNL Recharge Worth ₹1000

Whereas, the ₹1000 recharge gives Talktime worth the entire amount only in some circles while offering a lesser amount in others.

  • BSNL Recharge Worth ₹1100

With every recharge of ₹1100, you get a Talktime worth ₹1100.

  • BSNL Recharge Worth ₹2000

If you’re looking for a larger top-up, the one priced at ₹2000 offers you your entire money’s worth in Talktime.

  • BSNL Recharge Worth ₹3000

The BSNL recharge priced at ₹3000 is the highest-priced recharge that offers full Talktime across all circles in India.

  • BSNL Recharge Worth ₹5000

In certain circles, the BSNL recharge plan priced at ₹5000 offers full Talktime. Whereas, in others, it offers a reduced Talktime.

  • BSNL Recharge Worth ₹6000

The same thing applies to the recharge plan worth ₹6000. It only offers full Talktime in certain circles.

All these plans come with unlimited validity. This means you can use your Talktime as and when you need it, according to your own convenience and choice, without having to worry about it getting expired.

Now you might’ve noticed, that certain plans offer full Talktime in only select circles. Hence, always make sure to double-check before doing your BSNL recharge online, to ensure that you get your money’s worth.

How To Do BSNL Recharge Online

Doing your BSNL recharge online is pretty simple. All you have to do is go to your favourite payment platform, select prepaid, choose your service provider’s name as BSNL, and now enter the amount that you want to recharge for and complete making the payment. That’s it, your recharge will be done in minutes.

You can choose from the various payment apps and websites available only. However, if you ask us, our preferred choice would always be Airtel Payments Bank as you can do much more than just your BSNL recharge here. You can make your BSNL bill payment, do DTH recharges, pay water bills and more.

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