A forklift is one of the most commonly used industrial equipment, but not always the most well understood one. It functions on batteries, which are charged every now and then. A forklift is expensive industrial equipment, you must invest in an industrial battery which will help to increase the life of the battery and also boost productivity. The battery has a direct and significant impact on the life and workings of the forklift. Hence, you must buy the battery from a trusted source like Industrial Batteries Inc. Someone who understands the batteries and can help you to make the most out of them.

 What is a forklift battery?

A forklift battery has a battery case that holds the individual cells, battery bars and battery cables. The cells in the battery are self-contained, small and individual batteries with a set of lead plates that are filled with sulfuric acid. Then the cell is packed tightly. The battery bars are used to link these individual cells and form a complete circuit. The amperage generated by the battery is carried by the battery cables.

 Can a forklift battery and charger be rented?

If you don’t want to go all out to purchase either the battery or the charger or even both, you can rent them. The renting price is dependent on the specifications and weight of the battery and the charger blueprint.

 What is a forklift battery changer?

A forklift battery changer is a mechanical device, that assists in the safe removal and installation of forklift batteries. They weigh between 800 to 4000 pounds approximately depending on the type. Some changers have wheels, so they are movable. Whereas, the ones which are the heaviest are fixed. So the forklift needs to be driven towards it for changing.

 What is a battery water monitor?

This monitor helps to keep the battery’s electrolyte levels in check. If the battery requires more water, the screen will alert you of the same. It is an essential device, as it helps to monitor and prevent electrolyte boil over which can happen when there is too much watering. It also helps in the prevention of permanent damage which takes place due to infrequent watering. When there is a water spillover it can impact the battery’s capacity. In permanent damage, the lift truck is damaged.

 What are the risks associated with forklift batteries?

The forklift batteries need to be taken care of properly. If not, then they can cause hydrogen fires. If there is a sulfuric acid leak, it can cause burning of the eyes and skin. The battery can also cause high-rate electric shocks.

 What are the safety items that should be kept near forklift batteries?

It is always best to be safe than sorry. When operating a forklift you should keep an acid-neutralizing solution or baking soda close to the batteries. Have masks, gloves and proper eyewear. Liquid non-metallic containers should be kept next to the batteries. Make sure you also have eyewash around when you are using the forklift.

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