The Danger Of Dealing With Dust In The Workplace

The dangers that come from exposure to occupational dust should not be understated. Whether it be from a construction site working on a roadway or operating on a factory floor, there will always be some level of dust exposure. While it may seem harmless, dust in the workplace is actually quite dangerous. That said, there are preventative measures you can take to protect the health of your workers. Limiting exposure to dust is imperative to keeping the adverse health effects from impacting the body. Inability to limit exposure can lead to serious health conditions. When workers breathe in the tiny particles, they can become trapped and potentially cause a reaction, inflammation, and infection. The levels of toxicity in the dust depends on the materials producing it. Processing minerals can produce some of the more dangerous forms of dust — including silica and asbestos. Highly dangerous yet common, these two forms contribute to the most documented worker deaths. Prioritizing the health of any employee should come first to an organization putting them in harm’s way through the exposure of dust. For more information on the ways in which a business can protect its employees in these environments, check out the resource accompanying this post.

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