How to Register for a Bank Account Online?

Gone are the agonizing days of rushing to crowded bank branches during working hours to open accounts. Digitalization has now enabled you to complete the entire process online from the comfort of your home – no queues, no paperwork, and no hassles! Here are the simple steps to apply for bank account online:

Step 1: Choose an Account Tailored To Your Needs

Progressive banks like IDFC FIRST offer a suite of digitally-openable savings accounts optimized to diverse needs on their websites. Browse through the variants on offer to identify the appropriate one aligned to your transactions and liquidity requirements. There will be apt offerings if you need an everyday account with unlimited free transactions, a zero minimum balance account, or a high-interest-yielding savings account.

Step 2: Commence Application with Basic Details

Once you select the ideal banking online savings account variant, click on the provided online application link. A dynamic form will open up seeking basic personal and contact information like name, date of birth, PAN, residential address, phone number, and email ID. Fill in the details accurately. Banks today have made these applications highly intuitive and short to encourage more digital adoption.

Step 3: Input Additional Information for Processing

In the next sections, you must provide supplementary KYC details, set account preferences, and submit income proofs. Additional information covers nationality, marital status, education, employment, and income details supported by documents if salaried. There may also be options to set account statements, checkbook requests, and modes for receiving debit cards. The application may finish off with a section capturing nomination details.

Step 5: Fund Your New Account Digitally

Once you complete entering all details in the online banking app, the final step would be to fund your account to activate it digitally. Options like net banking, cards, IMPS, NEFT, or UPI make transferring the initial funding into your new account super quick without even needing to step out! You will receive a real-time confirmation when the fund transfer into the new account is successful and it gets activated for full-fledged usage.

Step 6: Complete Video KYC Formality for Added Convenience

To fully open up access to your new bank account for seamless online transactions, mobile/internet banking, and availing complete facilities, you need to complete a quick video-based KYC verification. Here, your photo ID proofs will be matched digitally against your video-streamed face for in-person identification. The process hardly takes a few minutes but saves you the hassle of physically visiting branches later for document submission and verification meetings.

The Bottom Line

Your digital-only savings account opening journey concludes swiftly through simple guided steps within the comfort of your home. Waiting for welcome kits with cards, checkbooks, and Internet banking credentials is now the only pending step before you start experiencing the convenience of managing this new account entirely online/via mobile. Intuitive DIY processes have transformed age-old account opening rigmaroles into frictionless engagement journeys without visiting old-world branches. Moreover, there are also various benefits of using the IDFC FIRST mobile banking app that you must know.

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