Business process management or BMP, is the systematic way of managing the operations of your business, by using different methods to discover, analyse, customise, measure, improve, optimise, and automate the process of your business. This helps you in focusing on the betterment of performance of your corporation, any method or combination of more than one method that helps you, in enhancing your business performance is included in BPM.

Conventional and modern BPM

In past centuries, BPM was referred to task, department management, production and output management, there were formal detailing and technical modeling, whereas today this has evolved in automation of business processes, including, cash flow, and workflow management automatically. Now there is a variation in human interaction management. Evolution in BPM allow users to:

  • Visualise
  • Measure
  • Analyse
  • Improve
  • Control
  • Re-engineer

Look how these help you in stimulation with accordance to the change:

  • Visualise: this helps you to visualise functions and process
  • Measure: this also helps you in determining the perfect measures to determine success
  • Analyse: you can compare the various stimulation to ensure the optimal improvement
  • Improve: you are able to select and implement the improvement
  • Control: by using the user defined dashboards, you can monitor the improvement in real time, and give the feedback and feed this information into the planning model you have designed, for improvement.
  • Re-engineer: re-engineer the process for better results, start from the scratch for improvement.

BPM-implementation and practice

Currently many corporations are engaged in practicing the BPM with best culture and standard opening procedure. Here are some commonly discussed implementations:


Business process management is considered as a real-time solution for delivering of information which is actionable and realistic. However, some people consider it as a bridge between information technology and business world. There are four components of BPM:

Process engine, Business analytics,Content management, Collaboration tools, It is also used in many information technology issues, Management of end to end, Consolidating data, Increasing the flexibility and functionality of data which is available currently, Integrating with existing systems, Establishing a language which is common for information technology and business.

Cloud computing BPM

Cloud computing business process management is use of delivery tools in software services. It has several benefits, such as maintaining specialised technical skill sets.

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