Are you getting the most out of your prepaid connection?

Your prepaid phone connection has all the attributes that make using your phone a pure pleasure. From easy recharge to well-priced plans, the best connections have it all.

As human beings, we seek interaction and connectivity with the world. You cannot exist in isolation, because your social connections define your personal life. Your circle of friends and your family members shape your daily interactions and keep you happy in your life.

But work pressures and busy lifestyles don’t always give each of us the luxury of constantly meeting up with our friends and family members. The next best thing to do is to use your web-enabled smartphone to stay in touch with the people who matter…via instant messaging, texting, video calling, etc.

Your smartphone makes it really easy to stay connected with not just your immediate circle of friends and family, but also with the world. You use your phone to bank, shop, book tickets, watch videos, make work presentations, even do conference calls with overseas business associates. But all of this is possible only when you have a good prepaid connection with always-on connectivity. Not only should it have good data speeds and a lot of data every month, it should also offer easy recharge options.

In short, your phone needs Airtel prepaid.

Why Airtel prepaid?

It is a myth that prepaid phone connections are in any way inferior to postpaid connections. Apart from the fact that the latter is billed on a usage basis, there is very little to separate the two. Leading mobile operators like Airtel have devised the best ever prepaid plans that offer the same benefits as postpaid connections do. So if you think your phone usage can be sufficiently met with a prepaid connection, then you should invest in an Airtel prepaid SIM with easy recharge options.

Airtel prepaid offers always-on connectivity, the fastest data speeds, nil call drops and the best ever pricing across prepaid plans in India today. You can surf super quickly, chat with friends while you do other tasks, even watch live TV shows and sporting matches with a wide range of prepaid connections.

Check out Airtel’s prepaid plans for Delhi – there are four bestselling unlimited packs at the moment, with every kind of feature that you’ve always looked for in your phone connection. With easy recharge, get data between 1.4 GB to 2 GB every day, with pack validity ranging from 28 days to 90 days, depending on the pack you choose. Besides, you get unlimited calling, 100 SMSs per day, and super-fast surfing speeds. And all this, for the most astonishing pack prices: Rs 249, Rs 448, Rs 499 and Rs 509 only! No other mobile operator in the country is offering such excellent benefits at such a low price at the moment.

How to choose the best prepaid plan

Though there are a variety of excellent plans on offer from Airtel, you might still end up a little confused about which plan to opt for. Here’s some help on choosing the right one:

  • Browse the Airtel prepaid plans on their website or myAirtel app and look for the available plans in your city.
  • Check the pack validity and other features with each plan.
  • Proceed to choose the prepaid plan on the Airtel website or on the myAirtel app. We recommend the Rs 448 plan with 84 days’ validity if you wish to try out a new prepaid connection.
  • After this, a representative from Airtel will get in touch with you regarding buying the connection. You can discuss how to process your personal documents and buying the new SIM card. If you are an existing Airtel customer, you can switch to a new prepaid plan online without any additional paperwork.
  • Find out how to do the easy recharge on the prepaid connection. It is possible to do it on the Airtel website, or on the myAirtel app in just a few steps, or even on third party payment platforms. Just enter your 10-digit Airtel number and follow the steps outlined to do the easy recharge. It is possible to change your existing prepaid plan while doing the recharge.

With the Airtel prepaid advantage, your smartphone is set to become the smartest of the lot!

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