Top 6 Questions that You Should Ask Your Caterer Before Hiring!

Your employees are the backbone of your business. So, offering some good facilities to your employees can boost their interest towards work. Remember that, employee satisfaction is very important to run your business successfully. Moreover, to retain your employees, you have to ensure that you are providing them the best facilities.

When we speak about the facilities the first one that comes to our mind is food. Serving hot and tasty breakfast to your employees can make them happy and boost their energy and to make this happen you need to hire a good caterer.

Questions to ask your caterer

Mentioned below are some questions that you have to ask the caterers before hiring them –

  • What are the different breakfast options that you offer?

Check different breakfast options available with your caterer and inform them if you have any specific requirements.

  • Do you offer non-vegetarian options?

Most of the people love to have non-vegetarian breakfast in the morning. Whereas, people who prefer vegetarian breakfast usually look for spreads, bagels, roasted vegetables and other such items on the menu. Hence, you need to let your caterer know your requirements in detail.

  • Are there any hidden charges?

Most of the corporate caterers do not charge extra until and unless they are arranging something extra for you. In fact, they charge only for the snacks, drinks, meals, cleanup and setup. These professional caterers will also display the food items in a very attractive way. No doubt in it, this will definitely help your employees or clients understand the fact that you respect and value them a lot. Your employees will definitely go back to work with a smiling face after having their meal by hiring a corporate caterer.

  • Do you use eco-friendly bowls and baskets?

Choose a corporate caterer who uses eco-friendly serving utensils, bowls, plates and etc. Besides, this will also help you to save your money as well.

  • Are you a licensed caterer?

Make sure that you are hiring a caterer who has a valid license for your employees’ safety.

  • Can I know your experience in breakfast catering?

More experience, better the services would be. Hence, you need to choose an experienced caterer always to enjoy delicious and hot breakfast in the morning.

Hire a corporate caterer for breakfast catering in your office right away to improve your employee satisfaction.