What to Do When Your Commercial Facility Needs Repair

Nothing lasts forever. People still didn’t invent all-mighty building material that can successfully bear the time, weather conditions and physical damage. Each object requires maintenance, no matter what it is made of. However, despite regular maintenance, repairs are sometimes more than necessary.

Buildings made of metal are long-lasting, and most often do not require too much maintenance (at least during the first years). However, metal structures are prone to rust and deterioration, especially if they are exposed to unfavorable factors (usually in cold or rainy areas) for a long time. That’s why every responsible business or property owner should react as soon as the need for remodeling or renovation arises.

Do the Inspection of Your Facility

Perhaps you are not an expert to determine and fix the problem on your commercial facility, but you see it exist. Maybe your roof is leaking out, or there are layers of mold on the walls. Or did you notice any physical damage from the outside of the building and the appearance of corrosion? Even a layman can see when metal structures need repairs.

In most cases, the costs of the building repair are on the owner of the property or the owner of the business located in the building (if space is rented). Before you go in search of a contractor, check with your insurance company in which cases your policy will cover the damage. Even partial coverage of costs will mean to you.

On this page, read why commercial insurance is a must:

Contact Your Insurance

One of the first steps to be taken after you determine the need for repairs or renovation of your facility is to call your insurance company. If you have protected your facility in case of natural disasters or accidents, the cost of the repairs will be covered with your insurance policy. You just have to fill the claim and let the company determine the damage on the spot.

Finding the Cause

Sometimes, the renovation is the desire of the owner who wants to rearrange the business space or to improve its functionality. But sometimes it is a need, especially after natural disasters or physical damage. Every commercial facility should be functional and serve the purpose in the best possible way. When the need for repair appears, you have to find its cause.

For example, your business is located in Houston, Texas (which have humid climate).You noticed that, after each precipitation, black spots appear on the ceiling. It means you have a problem with the roof, right?

You’ll need roof repair, for which you’ll probably hire some metal building repair Houston based company. But you may need to look further – whether the roof is set at a proper angle, or maybe you have to install additional waterproof insulation.

Manufacturers of building elements, but also contractors, usually provide warranty on their products and services. If you suspect that some damage has occurred due to the poor quality of material or improper installation, you should inform them about your problem. They’ll probably need some evidence so it would be good to take a few photos of the resulting damage.

Hiring Construction Company

Every business owner who takes care of their company should invest in business facility. That’s why they will try to find the best contractors. Of course, there is no need to hire professionals if the building needs minor repair, which is not technically demanding and can be fixed without special tools.

However, for some more complicated repairs or remodeling, as well as for work at height (if the problem is on the roof or on higher floors of the building), it is best to ask professionals for help. Besides they know how to solve your problem, they have security equipment to protect in risky situations.

Narrow your search to licensed contractors, with years of experience in this business. If your building still has a guarantee on the material, contact the manufacturer. They can suggest you the contractors with whom they cooperate. Before making a final decision, request cost estimates from each of them and compare them with your budget. Feel free to ask the experts to clarify each of your dilemmas.

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