What is Process Safety Management?

For any company working within an industry where there is the use of hazardous chemicals and substances there must be a safe process of working that has been established over time. Within these sectors a company is most likely to have adopted one or more versions of a model of process safety management, but this is fraught with potential dangers if not undertaken in the correct manner. This is where a process safety management audit comes into play. It allows a company to understand the process safety management processes that are currently being utilises, the areas in which they could be improved upon, and areas which there is a requirement to either remove or add processes to ensure the health and safety of all employees, visitors and suppliers, as well as protect the integrity of the products being created.

Process Safety Management is the framework and protocols that a company has developed and installed to manage and mitigate the risk of a catastrophic incident. This includes all incidents that have the potential to harm, injure or kill people, cause damage to the assets of a business and its reputation, and/or cause damage to the environment. It is a requirement within industries where there is the use and creation of potentially hazardous chemicals and materials.

The danger with a fragmented approach to process safety management is that it can lead to limited progress in the number of incidents involving processes being completed within the company. All activities that are identified as being necessary within a process safety management programme are most likely interdependent and to ensure a high level of safety and effectiveness, a connected approach to process safety management is much more likely to yield positive results.

A process safety management audit will therefore provide your company with the means to meet strict legislative requirements and industry specific criteria for process safety management. It requires expert thinking, innovative processes and analysis, and in-depth reporting skills to ensure that process safety management is at the forefront of your company and that you continue to develop and support a management programme that is specific to your needs, integrated fully and effectively within your company infrastructure, and that all employees understand the important of it and how it relates to daily tasks and the use of potentially hazardous chemicals and materials being used or produced.

With the experience and know-how of a professional team of processes safety management auditors, your company can benefit from on-site consultancy and laboratory testing processes to enable workshops, manufacturing factories and processing plants to meet all necessary regulatory requirements and to continue the drive to improve standards across the board within your company and industry. With the right minds on your side you can ensure an impeccable record of achievement, safety and process management, with all areas of a company working to the maximum levels of possible efficiency, whilst meeting health and safety standards and all other legislation and regulations that ensure the safe handling of hazardous materials.