Access Management – A Way of Ensuring Information Security

Do you know about access management? Access management is actually responsible to deal with users requests to access and this works with information security management closely. It ascertains the provisions of access are enforced as per the information security policy.

Access system

The access requests are in the hands of the service desk. They can be directed to a security. It is a must for the access management to periodically review the roles or to have the control access ascertaining the essential rights are granted such that there are no conflict rights among the groups.

Information security management to a major part is about controlling access to data or applications.  Access management deals on receiving requests for access from users. This involves the process of the username and password control and it also entails the groups or roles creation so that there is controlled access.


The purpose of Access management is about granting authorized users the authority to use a service, thereby preventing non-authorized users the access. It is also referred to as identity management.

The access management purpose is to provide the right users to use a service or a group of services.


  1. Managing access to services depending on the actions and policies defined in the information security management.
  2. Responding efficiently to the requests to offer access to services, altering the access rights or limiting access, ascertaining that the rights are provided or altered are granted properly .
  3. Granting access to service groups, services, functions or data, only on being entitled to get the access
  4. Manage the access to services and to confirm the rights are being provided properly and they are not used improperly, besides remove access as people change their jobs or roles. Access management is an effective execution towards information security management policies.