Stress Management

Today’s youth is facing a busy routine compared to the youth of the past. In fact not only the youth, all the people of recent times are many times busier, than the people of the past, sometimes this causes burden, and it results in frustrations and stresses.

Stress is a feeling, it is a condition, it cannot be explained in words, it is a result of a frustration or burden that has became uncontrollable. Unfortunately, too much stress can cause depression, and that is present among people of today’s world. It is a negative force that repels someone from work or a condition, exactly the opposite of motivation.

Now the question arises of how we avoid stress, or eliminate it from our daily lives? Few tips can help you to get rid of stress or at least avoid it as much as possible, lets check what they are:

  • Organise yourself
  • Take a break
  • Give time to your hobbies
  • Make things easy for yourself
  • Meditation
  • Smile and laugh more

Organise yourself

Organising yourself reduces wasting time, organise your stuff, your schedule and even your personality. Why not make a small breakup of your whole day, and get your work done in a systematic way? This will help you with time management and you won’t be burdened anymore, you won’t get stressed over your daily routine.

Take a break

Small naps and breaks are necessary for one to avoid work stress, when a person is working for a long time and they reach the optimum, the brain stops learning, and this starts converting the work into burden. You can take small breaks, naps or divert yourself from work for a while, once your mind is refreshed, you can start again, performing at your best.

Give time to your hobbies

Hobbies can help you in getting rid of stress, give time to your self, play some music, draw,colour or paint.

Make things easy for yourself

Make yourself believe that things are easy for you, no matter how hard the task is, get into it, accept the challenge and make yourself feel that you can do it easily.


Meditation, yoga is a peace for the mind, it brings you near nature, you can enjoy the colours and blessings of nature, you can go into a new world of fantasies with the power of imagination.

Smile and laugh more

Smiling and laughing are two main medicines, these give you a reason to live. This is relaxing not only for yourself, but also for others, everyone in this world loves smiling faces. According to the research, when you smile or laugh, your facial muscles stretch and send a message to your brain, that you are happy.

Dale Carnegie presents few more tips which you can relate to the above ones, according to them, you can avoid stress by maintaining a daily planner, protect your private time, so that you can keep a work life balance, avoid negativism, avoid procrastination.

I assure you that by using these tips you can wave stress a happy good bye!