Some Procedures That Can Help You With Contaminated And Wet Paper Management

Every company, house or even government office will have some of the old documents stored in their attic or even in the basement. Even though it is a risky job, people still cross their fingers and plan to take the risk of storing all their documents in the basement area or attic of their building.

During hurricanes or even during flood season, these documents will surely get damaged due to exposure of excess moisture or even because of washing away by the flood. When boxes get wet, then it is confirmed that the papers will also get destroyed completely. This is when you think about following the wet document destruction procedure.

  • Wet Boxes Management

The best way of taking care of the wet boxes is to try and find some ways of restoring the papers that are damaged because of water. If you find some papers that cannot be restored, then you should look for right ways of disposing the damaged papers.

Make a thorough note about the documents that are completely damaged and their current condition. This will help you to take necessary measures further like to whether look for a company that can help you with the restoration of the paper or you should just discard it.

  • Moldy Records

The formation of molds on the wet paper is completely another level of headache for document owners. The severity of the growth of mold might affect the condition of not only the papers, but can also cause serious health damage on people residing within the building.

If you find papers with mold on them, then make sure that you not only quarantine the room, but will also make sure to take necessary precautionary measures to disinfect the area, so that the experts can easily enter the room and take care of the papers with mold formation.

  • Self Restoration of Damaged Papers

If the severity of the paper damage is minimal, then you can follow some procedures to restore the damaged papers. You should first segregate the wet papers from the dry ones and place them separately in another box. You should be extra careful while picking up the wet papers, as there are higher chances of wet papers getting more damaged than they once were.

You can take help from experienced experts to carefully discard the damaged papers and even the ones that have developed mold on them.