Does your home have the best broadband?

Are you certain you have picked the right Wi-Fi plan for your home? Take a look at Airtel’s current plans – and think again.

Till a few years ago, it was unheard of for every person to have a mobile phone. Today, not only are smartphones a ubiquitous entity in our lives, they are also the only devices most of us use. However, our homes also have other web-enabled gadgets like tabs and laptops. These require Internet access to work efficiently. But instead of powering each with an individual Internet connection, it is advisable to get a Wi-Fi plan for the house.

A single Wi-Fi plan can power all your web-enabled devices. It is a cost-effective and simple solution to the problem of providing Internet connectivity to all your devices. But installing the best broadband connection for your home is often easier said than done. Every service provider claims to have the best broadband plan, but in reality, only leading providers like Airtel are able to back these claims with the best range of Wi-Fi plans, excellent customer service and extremely fast Internet speeds.

The best broadband connection for your home – from Airtel

Too often, you tend to compromise on network speeds and monthly data for your home connection. When you buy an Airtel Wi-Fi plan, there is really no scope for any sort of compromise. Each plan is comprehensively designed and attractively priced, offering a bumper range of excellent features.

This is why you should get an Airtel Wi-Fi plan for your home:

  • It has four excellent Wi-Fi plans at the moment, basis the city of your residence. For example, there are four plans for Delhi, priced at Rs 899, Rs 1,099, Rs 1,299 and Rs 2,199. Do check the current plans for your city before proceeding further.
  • A single Wi-Fi plan powers up to 10 different web-enabled devices, without compromising on signal strength or data transmission speeds. So while you use your smartphone over the connection, other members of the house can run tabs, laptops and even web-enabled speakers over the same connection.
  • Airtel is the only broadband provider in the country to offer Wi-Fi plans powered by the superfast V-fiber technology. It offers stupendous speeds of 100 Mbps and above, as also the highest ever 99% uptime. The V-fiber technology is best for streaming movies, heavy data files and even certain software, apart from making video calls and watching live sporting matches.
  • Airtel broadband is always on. You do not need to hang up the landline phone to connect to the Internet, and you will never suffer abrupt outages or lags while you use the connection.
  • You get a free modem with the connection.

Place your order for the Airtel Wi-Fi plan on their website or the myAirtel app. After understanding your requirements and recommending the best plan for you, the company installs the connection in just a few days.