5 B2B Marketing Influencers To Follow

With B2B marketing continuously developing and growing, it is very important to keep your business marketing strategies up-to-date. In that matter, social media is your key to stay updated with latest marketing strategies. Social media platforms have been one of the major contributors to the latest marketing trends with top B2B personas keeping us well-informed with latest strategies in use.

Marketing influencers are experts who help us in knowing about what businesses should know about the modern marketing trends. The main qualities market influencers should possess include being trustworthy, be passionate about marketing, they need to be engaging and socially competent and most importantly marketing influencers have to be curious and impactful along with being expert intelligence.

Here are the top five B2B marketing influencers present on Twitter with their presence over LinkedIn as well and other social media platforms to follow in 2018:

  1. Ann Handley (@marketingprofs)

Ann Handley has presence over Twitter with 413k followers on her list. She is head of content for MarketingProfs and is also known as WSJ best-selling author. She tries her best to deliver practical and actionable content marketing tips to double your business success. She is one of the Forbe’s most influential women.

  1. Joe Pulizzi (@JoePulizzi)

Joe Pulizzi, with 132k followers over Twitter, is the founder of Content Marketing Institute. He is known for effective content creation and brand storytelling. If you are looking for actionable tips for better content marketing, then do follow his blog and social stream.

  1. Jonathan Aufray (@GrowUrStartup)

Jonathan Aufray is followed over Twitter with 132k followers and is the CEO and cofounder of Growth Hackers. He has specialized in growth hacking and other strategies to help startups and small businesses succeed in the modern age. He is passionate about marketing and you should follow his tips to make your business an ultimate hit.

  1. Nancy Badillo (@NancyBadillo13)

Nancy Badillo is a social media specialist with 145k followers on Twitter. She uses her expertise to build brand awareness for companies and assist companies of all sizes in increasing the trafiic to their websites and with lead generation. If you are a business striving hard to upgrade your social media game, you need to follow her and take note of her advice.

  1. Michael Brenner (@BrennerMichael)

Michael Brenner, a marketing inspiration, is the CEO of Marketing Insider Group with 45.7K followers over Twitter. He is an expert in his field and knows it deep into the roots.  He is passionate about his work and with his experience and business insight, he has been named as Top Business Speaker and Top CMO Influencer by Huffington Post and Forbes. If you need an expert advice and business consultancy with in-depth knowledge to the market and business then you should follow Michael Brenner.

Your business sure can flourish and improve in terms of lead generation with all the marketing strategies you are using at the time. However, an expert opinion and suggestion help in improving this strategy. Therefore, follow these marketing influencers to make your business grow exponentially and take in all that they are giving away in value and knowledge.